Poetry referenced to musical classics as plug - in lyrics,suitable for singing.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Intermezzo ( In Your Dreams )

In your dreams, a nightingale
Begins to sing a twitterpated song.
I appear, and then, My Dear,
You know at last, your love has come along.

Maybe so, but yes or no,
A while ago, that birdie sang for me,
And I just now begin
To hope that I'm in your dreams.

This is just the intermezzo
Of that moment when we met,
So grand, the magic lingers yet,
So why let it go?

In my dreams,that nightingale,
The one I sent to sing for you a song,
Reappears, with glowing ears,
From words he hears,that you have sent along.

We shall see how that may be,
When next we meet again,
As we go,dream - to - dream,
To be there, then, as it were,
In Our dreams.


Oh,Chet Atkins, sing 'um!
Gabe, take it across the bridge.
Swell some coda voices.