Poetry referenced to musical classics as plug - in lyrics,suitable for singing.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Colonel Bogey, Sir !

Colonel Bogey, Sir !
Copyright VictorSluder1997

Colonel, I hear the distant drums,
Boom - booms, tat - tats and rum - tum - tums.
Somewhere, go heroes marching,
And in the music, their being becomes !

Trumping, oh hear the " Tah - Tah - Tah " !
Trombones : " Doo - wah, Doo - wah - wah - wah " !
Woodwinds, how high their singing,
Above the tuba's " Pah - room - pah ! Pah - pah " !

Throughout the years, whenever the deed was done,
Before the fact, before the act was yet begun,
As now, with music to lead the cheers,
The path was set, the task was met, the prize was won.

So, Colonel, I hear the distant dreams
Arching through all the music seems,
Marching, tat - tats and rum - tums,
And, Colonel Bogey, the closer, it comes !


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