Poetry referenced to musical classics as plug - in lyrics,suitable for singing.

Monday, December 20, 2004




Love,love is just a word to you,
To speak, that, spoken, dies away.
But such a word, one that you can sing so true,
Your means, your magic thing to say.
:(For) some things live on the way you feel,
On your frame of view, or the time of day,
And somehow some things last like they're made of steel,
Come what e're you do, come what storms of May, or what e're you say.
1)Love,love is just a word I heard
In games we children used to play. : ( So if )
2)Say, say and say and say, and say,
And so, to wield a golden ray.
With minor modifications,this poem can be narrated
on top of various recordings of : Act 2, Swan Lake.
For singing and an exact fit, try the adaptation BY Ray Conniff


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